The Synergy Zone


Rapidly Eliminate
Obstacles to Your Success
Feel Energized and Make More Money



What is stopping you from taking your life and livelihood to the next level? Could it be you?

GOOD NEWS: You can rapidly eliminate the obstacles that stop you from leveling up.

Does this sound familiar? You have achieved a LOT…

BUT you're not really experiencing the joy, rewards and satisfaction that you thought would come with your efforts.

There is evidence that something is not right. Some kind of change is needed.

You want to be the best version of yourself. Be powerful and in flow. Make money and not have to drive yourself into the ground to do so.

However, something gets in the way. You have habits, thoughts behaviors or physical conditions that limit your ability to level up to more income, success AND wellbeing.

Do you find yourself running on fumes instead of renewable energy?

Deep down you know that these issues MUST be addressed. There’s no time to waste!

You could spend years in therapy OR you could eliminate the chit chat and get on with creating the shifts actually needed to call in the true mental, emotional and financial abundance you desire.

After decades in the corporate world, and 16 years of training and experience as a Leadership Performance Coach and Rapid Transformational Therapist, Tony Maree Torrey has created a synergistic approach that eliminates the hidden blocks to your success and happiness F A S T and at the deepest levels of your mind.


 Typical Client Results:

  • Significant career & business expansion

  • Up-level your earning potential & financial freedom

  • Eliminate burnout, situational depression, anxiety or insomnia

  • Interrupt & eliminate long standing negative patterns & thinking

  • Increase your energy, stamina & focus

  • Get relief from painful physical symptoms & increase your physical prowess

  • Upgrade your access to flow & inner genius

    BONUS SIDE EFFECTS: Dramatic weight loss, motivation to eat healthy & exercise, relationship improvements


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What people are saying about Tony Maree Torrey

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She’s changed my life and she’ll change yours too

My career was at a standstill, I’d had no auditions in 12 months. After working with Tony Maree I had 4 auditions in the next 2 weeks. Once I found where to focus my energy I gained momentum and landed 2 big roles.

Tony Maree helped me get to what was going on below the surface and change it at a core level.

A door has been opened to a mental state that now I know I can create opportunities for myself.

Sharni Vinson, Actress

Sharni Vinson.jpg
Paul McManus.jpg

The speed of results is mind boggling

I spent 4 months under a phenomenal amount of stress due to some circumstances in my life and after working with Tony Maree I got completely freed from my stress.

My VIP Days have been the most productive days that I have ever had!

The speed of results is mind boggling. I’m a well-educated guy but I was stuck at a stress level of TEN and I couldn’t get myself out of it. Now it is down to a ONE.

I have very much grown in my thinking as a person, got back to healthy habits, lost weight and my consulting business has gone from struggling start up to high 6 figures as a result of what was put into motion during our sessions.

Paul McManus, CEO


Something significant shifted in that session with her. She is a genius!

I worked with Tony Maree when I was on the verge of a CEO meltdown.

While previously I would never had admitted it, the truth is I was overworking myself, stressed out and I had stopped taking care of myself… the cracks were beginning to show. I had gained weight, was consistently tired and was starting to lack passion for the work I once adored.

After doing the Immersion Intensive with her, I felt a new lease on life. My self-care became high priority and I changed the way I was “doing life.” As a result, I am losing weight, I am significantly less stressed and I am feeling passion again for my work and life – all without the feeling that I need to drive so hard.

I’ve found my sweet spot (what Tony calls my Synergy Zone.) Something significant shifted in that session with her. She is a genius!

Kelly O’Neil, Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, TV Host

Kelly ONeil.jpg
Jordan Harbinger.jpg

Definitely, an amazing experience that I will gladly repeat

Tony Maree taught me how important it is to pay attention to how I make decisions in the day to day because you never know when you may be called upon to use this skill in a crisis and you better be good at it.  This skill has served me well in business and life.

Jordan Harbinger, The Art of Charm


I am now doing the most meaningful work of my life

After a very successful career in hi tech, I had a vision of leveraging my IT experience to transform healthcare administration but transitioning to a new industry proved extremely difficult. Tony Maree’s work gave me the tools to make what on the surface appeared to be counter intuitive changes but in truth, came from learning to access my true genius. I took some risks that got my foot in the door and within months I was in a position that would spring board the rest of my success. Tony Maree was my guide along the way.

Kristen Janes
Director of Genetic Strategy, Kaiser Permanente